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Monday, May 17, 2004

Negligent but Paying Attention

Yup, I have been negligent about posting, but that is over. See what I mean:
-- BDD post by John: the mainline Boston media are an easy mark, but Nomar and the Sox insist BDD is wrong. I am inclined to believe them, esp. since Dr. Morgan says the same thing. Tempest in a crock pot.
-- Is Michael Felger the biggest asshole on radio? Today, he accused Pedro of not pitching hard to save his shoulder to get a big paycheck. Scurrilous. I think most of what Felger says and writes says much more about Felger than about the players he berates. He is a perpetual cynic, an accuser of the first order, and speculative bottom feeder. The things he suggests are all about the character of the players -- none of whom I'd be willing to bet he even knows or could get close to. How does someone like that even get a job where he is supposed to report on what people do by actually talking to them? How does he even get the close enough to talk to them? Shaughnessy wanna-be.
-- John does pay for all the games he goes to -- and a couple that I go to. He is a fan's fan -- although I am not the purist he is when it comes to disdaining the major league players' affection for money vs. love of the game. I am not on that plane.
-- Well, it has been an up and down season for my son Tim. Pitched well through four in the drizzle at Monadnock, gave up three runs, but we scored two. Final was 12-2, so he would have the loss anyway. Had trouble with the drizzle and his control -- usually walks one or none, but walked six that day. Against undefeated Conval, pitched all six but lost 4-1 -- two dying quails over third no one could reach, a few grass cutters, and some hits. He's really into strikes-balls so he was bummed about only two more strikes than balls against Monandnock, but okay with 2:1 ratio against Conval. But, more than anything else, he loves the game. Just gotta watch the umpire complaints on balls and strikes, pitching and hitting. I think a comment today got him called out at first on a not-close play. Hardest thing to teach/get used to as a kid: you are not supposed to be perfect.
-- On Sox: tough road trip with the Triple AAA team, but 10-10 ain't too bad. Two things that troubled me: that horrendous number of errors and good pitching (not great, but good) wasted by Schilling and Martinez. They are not going to do much this year if every other pitcher has a career year and the Aces -- Schilling, Martinez, and Lowe (good name for him right now) -- don't pitch better.