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Friday, May 21, 2004

The Joy That is McCoy

Is there any better place to see a ballgame on an early summer's night than McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket? While I do not object to the usual on-field promotions commonly found at the AA, A, and Independent League parks, McCoy is an "on-field promotion free" zone and has a more traditional (Fenway Park-like) baseball field atmosphere.
- Is there any ballpark cleaner than McCoy?
- Is there any ballpark better run than McCoy?
- Is there any ballpark offering a more comfortable and convenient fan experience than McCoy?
- Answer to all the above: No, period.
The Mondor family and the entire PawSox organization are a class act and it shows; and they are an example to be studied and emulated for those looking to attract both the casual and the serious baseball fan - again and again.