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Monday, May 03, 2004

Can't help it, I listen to sports talk radio too much!

Over the weekend, I listened way too much to the radio talk guys flailing Pedro.
My question at the end of it all (that's a lie, I actually switched to my CD player and took a walk back to 1969 with Music from Big Pink) is: "Why do you care what Pedro says?"
When did sports talk radio "personalities" (HA!) stop talking about what happened in the games and spend all their time talking about what the players talk about off the field? Personally, I don't really care -- REALLY -- about what Pedro says off the field, I don't care about his management issues, his salary issues, etc. He's posturing, they are posturing, blah, blah, blah.
What is his pitching like? Extraordinarily uneven -- ugly bad days, pretty nice (but not like it used to be) good days. He is obviously not the 94-96 mph Pedro. So what? I am not going to call him an asshole or any other names because he does not pitch as hard; his skills are not his personality or his character.
If he speaks out loud any more, I guess he is asking for criticism and he will surely get it; but talking about him being done, finished, a clubhouse cancer -- bullshit. I caution the radio sports geeks to remember that what they said about Mo Vaughn being a clubhouse issue turned out to be lies, same with Clemens. No player cared about what either said and all have said the two guys were great locker room guys.
Get over Pedro. He will be what he is -- if he stinks, he will be worth less and we'll see what happens. If he is great again, different scenario. But once again, someone on the Red Sox or Celtics or Patriots says something, anything, and the media pull out their thesauri to find new words to call them assholes. Waste of energy. Let the season play out. Remember Manny's inocuous comment about playing in NY and what a tempest in a thimble that was and what a waste of time and energy was put into talking about that little comment. Sure made a big difference in how he played or plays, huh?
Sports talk about players' personalities or characters is irrelevant. I'd prefer to listen to Jerry Remy 24 hours a day than any more from the radio boobs about what they perceive a player's character is.