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Friday, May 07, 2004

Believe, But Don't Be a Sucker

Today's May 7, the opening day for "Still, We Believe: The Red Sox Movie." I'm not going, or thinking of going. My local theater, AMC, is showing this hype-laden vehicle, and probably charging their regular $9 adult admission. That considered, I am definitely not going.
Nine bucks and we don't get to see a game? Nine bucks to go and see how much some fans are devoted to the Boston Red Sox (like we didn't already know)? Nine bucks as a clear demonstration of an additional "revenue stream," which can be sucked out of loyal RSN citizens? Nine bucks for a movie where I already know the ending, and it outright, outloud sucks? Not for me. Go if you must, but I have a suggested alternative.

I am going to spend the nine bucks tonight - for a box seat (actually three of them) at Pawtucket. That's where you ought to be as well. Grady's ghost ain't there and some good baseball is.