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Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Yin and Yang of Manny; How Bad is Fox' Coverage?

Is there any doubt that Tim Wakefield is a gamer? A guy who says that a Yankees-Sox Series is “fun.” Seven innings, 1 ER vs. Sheffield, Giambi, A-Rod (looked foolish against the knuckler, didn’t he?), and oudueled mega-free agent Vasquez on a cold night. Tim plays very solid defense on the mound, BTW. You gotta love him. And quit asking him about Aaron Boone, please - the guy performed magnificently in the playoffs last year.

- Bill Mueller: snapping out of it, and how. This lineup has missed his key hits and OBP. Glad you are back Bill.

- Manny: A homer that’s not a homer - the one guy on either side who doesn't need a cheap HR or help getting one from the Umps. I also have sympathy for Manny: he is really a great slugger, but lacks the physical grace and ease, and defensive skills, of a Williams, Mays, or DiMaggio. Manny doesn't even look graceful trotting around the basepaths after one of his titanic HRs. And so when he makes an error, it is never just an error - it is an Ugly, ungraceful, brutally Ugly error.

- Baseball Mystery Question: Why is it that when a fielder makes an error, when the camera peers at the player afterwards, we always see him examining his glove - as if that was the source of the problem?

- Fox: Talk about ugly, revolting, agonizingly over-produced sports event coverage!…..Sigh. Where do I start? First, a new low in baseball broadcasting, and worthy of its own post - Scooter, the Fox baseball “tutor.” Buck and McCarver were obviously embarrassed to introduce this inane animated character, whose silly segments did no more to explain how a knuckler works than the announcing team. Second: I feel all puffed out, overstuffed with Foxian hype about the "03 ALCS, 1978/1986/1999/2003, ad nasuem, ad nasuem. It was also apparent that Buck and McCarver were embarrassed every time they production team forced them to again to regurgitate these stale, tired Sox history turds. More Fox production manure: online polls featuring “Yankee we hate the most (Jeter wasn't a selection BTW)."

The latest prayer of Red Sox Nation: on our knees hoping that Fox Sports gets to cover as few Yankees-Red Sox games as possible this season.
Here’s a poll: who do you hate more - the Yankees or Fox Sports?