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Monday, April 05, 2004

That River in Egypt............and Respect

The Nile, or Denial - that is the river Pedro is navigating right now. It's obvious to everyone but him: he's in denial about not being "The Best Pitcher in Baseball," anymore. Yes, it is very hard to accept when you have Pedro's mentality, aggressiveness, temperament, and reputation. But, sooner or later, it happens to everybody.
When you are "The Best Pitcher in Baseball," you can be petulant and whiney about every act of "dis-respect," from the club and the press and the fans. When you are just plain good or even average (heaven forbid), you have to follow the rules like everyone else, not leave the clubhouse early, talk to the press, and not hold out for $14M or $15M or $17.5M per year.
Pedro is earning $17.5M this year; he is no longer good enough to command that kind of money, but he doesn't realize it yet. The sooner he accepts that, the better off Pedro and the Sox will be - for this year anyway.
As for RSN, you have to accept it also. If Pedro leaves in '05, he leaves. I am pretty sure we can sign a strong free agent arm for $25M or $30M, or $35M.
And Pedro can go where he will be "respected."