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Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Tao of Pokey

Lost the opener and looked bad doing it with 14 LOBs.
Observations on a freezing night at Camden:
- Pokey, Pokey, Pokey giveth, so far until: two walks (have to do at least that if your are hitting .250!), a very nice tag play at third with the Manny throw to get Melvin Mora.
- And why.....oh why was Pokey bunting with two outs - giving the Birds an easy way to close out another Sox threat. And of course, Pokey had to be lifted for a PH late in the game to get some offense, and substitute Crespo went in at short, and made an error. If Pokey can walk consistently, let's try him at leadoff - Damon grounding out is not a thrill anymore.
- Pedro: Why doesn't NESN have its pitching speed indicator onscreen this season - or will we see it when others are pitching? Note to RemDawg: get the network to display the pitch speed. And for Pedro: still lacking some control, and looks like 90 or 91 is now the tops. That probably won't get it done with the control he has right now.
- Bill Mueller: picks up where he left off last year. Why isn't he leading off?
- Kapler: looks like a strong fill-in for Nixon, with relief from Burks on occasion.
- Note to Curt Schilling: Help!!