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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Just What the Doctor Ordered - For Now

There...............Feeling better? With good reason:
- Schilling is the horse we thought he was going to be. 90 - 94 mph, good fielding, tough. Maybe this is what's really eating Pedro.
- Damon: lose the hair, and drop down to eighth in the batting order until you can do something other than ground out to second or short.
- Do any of the Red Sox coaches know how to instruct Damon, Millar, et al. in the basics of calling for the ball in left and right center? Well, let's have a session before somebody gets seriously hurt - again.
- Burks: a Stolen base (Palmerio too)? Gotta love him.
- Wishful thinking: what if the Sox had the luck (or had the brains) to have kept both Burks and Schilling their entire careers in Boston?
- Francona: time to make this your team - or the backdoor to Theo's office will be busy all season long and your life will be hell.
- Foulke: Ok, we're breathing easier now.
TAFN (That's All For Now).