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Monday, April 12, 2004

I'm Lovin' It . . .

No, not McDonald's -- the Red Sox 7-game season.
Overtime games galore and some good wins, despite the rough start overall. It looks to me like one thing that did not change over the off season was their clubhouse will to win and support for one another. They have not given up once (okay, Francona may have punted using McCarty but I'd rather see him do that than overtax already overtaxed arms. Bye, Ramiro.) and yesterday's come-from-behind effort just reinforces for me the sense that these guys did not lose any of their intensity and, let me be one of the first to resurrect this, their Cowboy Up attitude. My highlights of the weekend - Kapler's catch, the hits by Crespo and Bellhorn, Pedro's performance, Ortiz's HR. There were certainly others. Schilling's abuse of his glove in the dugout was something I have not seen in a while from a Sox pitcher - just don't damage anything in the arm while you are doing it, okay, Curt?
We are in for another wild ride this year. I'm up for it.
Oh, and the first time I heard "cowboy up" was in the movie "Tears of the Sun," when Bruce Willis' character tells the people he is trying to save to "Cowboy the f**k up." I liked it as soon as I heard it.