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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Honestly, I never felt bad in the first place unless . . .

you count being pissed off at the knee-jerk reactions of Boston media to the Pedro thing. Yeah, he left early on Monday. Yeah, it was wrong. No, he is not Oil Can Boyd. It may be too much to ask, but, RSN, get some perspective. Your current flame, Curt Schilling, whined perpetually to get out of Philadelphia because they were not winning, and I don't hear anyone calling him names. After six years, haven't you gotten some insight into Martinez? He is not perfect, he is arrogant (hey, remember Steve Carlton?), he is tempermental, he is demanding, a perfectionist, and still one of the top 10 pitchers in baseball. Stop crying because he is not the best anymore, or does stupid things like leave early. Only one thing matters: if the players don't like it. When what he does pits him against them in the clubhouse (the only place it matters -- sorry, Shaughnessy, et al. you really are not players), then it matters.
Lowe, BTW, has a very similar line to Pedro's. Try bitching at the three or more times the Sox had two men on and no one scored on Sunday.
Anyway, get used to my defense of the players vs. the press. It's not that I side with the players unconditionally, but there needs to be some balance and I'm going to provide it.
BTW, Mac: Damon went 5-5 last night, most to the opposite field. Guess he heard you and the rest of the Nation -- as well as his hitting coach and probably manager and probably other players. I'll get on the players after they consistently screw up or hit slumps, etc., not after three games. Only pitchers can be taken apart after each game, IMO.
Oh, yeah. Game 1 of my son's JV season is Monday. No rain or snow, please.