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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Genuine Title Memories Only, Please

The Boston Globe reports that new Red Sox documentary about last year's team from now has a name: "Still, We Believe: The Red Sox Movie." Seven titles were put up for fan voting on redsox.com (more than 4,000 votes cast) and www.boston.com (3,750 votes cast).
I didn't vote: Here's why - Who cares what the title of the film or DVD is?
Why did the producers of the 2003 Red Sox highlight film solicit fan suggestions for a title? OK, it was a fun season, but THEY LOST THE ALCS, .....REMEMBER THAT? Is this just a marketing ploy to try and get publicity to help sell a film or DVD with a horrible ending, that otherwise no one would want? Or, getting a title acceptable to the fans so they can sell more of them - when selecting a title for a bittersweet story is a dicey prospect with grouchy Boston fans? We think so. Could you really watch it without gagging or puking at the end? (How about "Grady's Little Brain Has a Fart.")

I don't have any VHS tapes or DVDs with Red Sox memories of the 1986, 1978, or 1975 seasons - and don't want one either (except maybe Game 6, '75). I'll think about buying a documentary DVD if the Sox win it. Sox management must be getting jealous of the Patriots DVD TV ad: Yeah, it's great to run ads when you do win it - isn't it? So win it.