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Friday, March 19, 2004

Patriots Had Major Injuries Too: Don't Jump!!!!

Face it, last year was an anomaly; no major injuries to any of the core players and even Pedro had a decent year in the health department. So the woes of Nomar and Nixon are really part of what you get every year in baseball and every other major sport - No Jumping off the Tobin Bridge just yet RSN Citizens.
Fortunately, the Sox are rather deep this year on the bench, though I would presume nobody will feel good about an outfield with Millar or Daubach out there on an everyday basis. And, it also means that Manny will be in Left more and not at DH, taking another possible bat out of the lineup.
Thinking about '05 Free Agent defections? Well, we might get to see what life is really like without Nomar for a while, as we did two seasons ago. Reese will handle SS just fine, but we will lose 60+ points in BA, power, and are back to trying to fill the 2B slot again.
The disc situation with Nixon is much more worrisome than Nomar's tendonitis. Disc problems don't go away quickly, and tend to reappear the next time an outfielder slams into a wall trying to catch a fly ball. I think the team will miss Nixon's intensity as much as his play; this team doesn't have a lot of natural leaders but Nixon leads just in the way he works at the game.
Hey - we also get to see how Terry Francona deals with adversity and problems. You can bet that before this year is over, he's going to have a few.