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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Note to NESN: It's About the Game, Not Dumb Interviews

Were you are irritated as I was today when NESN cut away from the Sox-Orioles game to go to the Pedro Martinez post-game "interview"? Yes, I realize it is an exhibition game and that the outcome is meaningless - but little of what Pedro says in post game interviews is very meaningful anyway - and that goes for most TV-era athletes.
Spring training TV games give fans a chance to see those who are contending for the few available spots on the Big Club, how they look, who will likely be on the PawSox this year, and how the pitching staff is shaping up.
If I want to see what Pedro said in his latest press conference, I can tune in after the game or read the newspaper accounts tomorrow. Often, Pedro decides not to talk to the press for a while - an interval I for one don't find particularly objectionable.
Note to the NESN producers and Directors: Unless you have early intelligence that something worthwhile will be said in an interview, stick to the game. If something interesting is ever said (how likely is that?), you can run the clip whenever there is time. That is why we have video tape.
Besides, didn't you notice that The Rem Dawg previewed what Pedro was going to say anyway? And he was right.