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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Here We Go Again

Last night I drove by a Ground Round in Nashua, NH. The restaurant's street sign said it all, referring to the upcoming Sox season: Here We Go Again.
While the Ground Round is nobody's example of an elegant dining experience, it could be said that few have described the anticipation of an upcoming baseball season so eloquently and succintly.
A few years ago I took my kids to a water park with lots of downhill slides. My youngest son at the time (8 or 9) made an entire day of marching up the stairs, waiting in line, and then gleefully spiraling down one of the slides - head first, feet first, sideways, you name it - time after time, no matter how many times he did it or how tired he got (earned a good sunburn that day also.) Upon slashing at the bottom he would clear his eyes or water and tell me "Let's go again, Dad!" And we did. After the day was over, sunburn and all, he couldn't wait to go again.

While we may or may not end up getting splashed at the bottom, Here We Go Again, Citizens of RSN. Just thinking about the upcoming season is bringing a smile to your lips. It may be a scary, twisty, bumpy, unpredictable, and a tiring ride - but it will also be thrilling, enjoyable, satisfying, thought-provoking, entertaining, and just fun.
Wipe the water from your face now and up the stairs: Here We Go Again.