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Sunday, February 08, 2004

A Tough Act for Theo to Follow? Wake-Up Call on Yawkey Way

The Patriots second world championship in three years, and the style in which it was won, are setting the bar pretty high for Theo and the boys of summer this coming season. Mr. Bellicheck has managed to win the Big One twice (with class also) with the following parameters in place:
- Without Prima Donnas, not a single one; they are Verboten!
- without Stars, per se
- under the salary cap!
- with players that are taking pay cuts to stay with this team
- with players who show up and fill-in after injuries
- in sub-zero temperatures and play with a broken arm
- and without even the slightest hint of club Dissension at any level;
- even after the assistant coaches got screwed out of head coaching opportunities by the NFL's rules
It is clear that New England fans are embracing this hard-working, successful, and yes - humble - group of dedicated athletes.
We think these same fans will have a lot less tolerance for the kind of child-like whining, press blaming, squabbling, and occasional mailed-in performance we get from some, frankly, overpaid (in comparison to the Patriots) Boston baseball figures. The Red Sox have dominated the Boston sports scene for perhaps 80 years or more; that reign could be coming to an end if the current crew doesn't show some backbone in this year's journey.