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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Theme for '04 Season: No Whining, Just Win

I don't know about you, but I have had enough of both Red Sox players (Whiney Nomah and Pedro to start) and Red Sox fans whining about who is going to leave, how much to pay who, A-Rod, hurt feelings, "dis-respect," and Sox management.
The last two World Series have been won by teams with middle-of-the-road or low-level payrolls (Angels and Marlins), not the $180M+ Yankee Empire. So it is clear that we don't need A-Rod to win it all, you don't need a $150M payroll to win it all, you don't need players with their own suites on road trips to win it all.
The Sox have the second highest payroll in baseball, now pegged at over $125M. This team can win it. This team should win it.
"Lesser" teams have won it, with half or less the payroll.
I have absolutely NO tolerance for any whining (millionaire) Red Sox players, or any Red Sox fans who whine about missing some piece of the puzzle or worrying about who will be gone in '05.
Screw '05. The future is now. The team we have can and should win it.
No Excuses. No Whining. Just Win.
Got It?
Good.....Then let's go and do it.