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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

No Whining Sox Fans, or, John Henry

This is, without doubt, the best Sox team - on paper - that ever started Spring Training (in my time anyway, and that's a while). The team's GM did a good job in the off-season, securing a stud No. 2 starter, a stud Closer, a nice situational bat (Burks), some defense (Reese), and signed Nixon. I agree with Tim; Let's Play - and see how it goes. This team has enough horsepower; what is the value of Faith except to believe when there is no hard evidence.
And John Henry - no whining from you either about the Boss or the System. Yes, you are right - of course; nobody in their right mind could say you are wrong. Here's the BUT: you bought the team knowing the imbalanced revenue situation with the Yankees, knowing the MLBPA rules, knowing how the Boss really is (relentless, ego-driven, and manic), and knowing that in the event of a war of dollars and attrition, George could out-muscle you and outlast you. You knew and decided to play in this tricked-up game anyway. You can't whine now, not publicly anyway.
What you can do is work behind-the-scenes with the other owners and the MLBPA to fix a problem everybody really wants fixed. Accomplishing that would be a lasting contribution to the game worthy of notice in Cooperstown.