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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Let's Play!

That is the only way to find out whether NY is better or the Sox is better (sic)!
What we know: George bought a great player, probably the greatest now playing. But, even he has some weaknesses (check out Jayson Stark's column comparing away-game production for A-Rod and Soriano).
What we don't know: Did he buy a great third baseman? Did he buy a guy who really will stay in the same hotel as his teammates, forgo the special jet, and become a team player just to get a chance to win (as he puts it)? Will George go ballistic when Jeter makes a couple bad plays and start demanding that the Gold Glove shortstop and Jeter switch places in midseason (or perhaps even in May)? Will Kevin Brown's arm and shoulder and leg, etc., survive the season? Will Giambi be okay with DH-ing? Will Bernie Williams be okay with DH-ing? Will anyone play second AND produce runs as well as Soriano (both are the conditions for this question)? Will Contreras be great? Will Lieber be good? And so on and so on and so on.
The point is, there are lots of questions about the Yankees even with the killer on-paper lineup, just as there about the Red Sox.
And please, let's not forget who actually won the last two World Series, and that Oakland's starting pitching may still be better than just about everyone else's, and that it only takes 3 or 4 wins -- just one more than losses -- to actually win a playoff series or the WS. Pitching still rules and that has not changed.
Save our energy for following the 162 games and the 19 between the Yanks and Sox and don't draw any conclusions from a paper team -- either way.