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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

To all Pete Rose apologists:
My two-bit bet (that is all he is worth): Bud Selig's spine turns to jelly and he lets Rose become eligible for the HOF and, worse, the baseball writers flinch and let him in.
That would be scandalous: The man bet on baseball, bet on baseball from the clubhouse, bet on his team, did not bet on his team (tipping other bettors off), made what now may be viewed as deliberate managerial "mistakes" during games (such as sending up hitters out of order, making them ineligible -- source: Ralph Wiley on ESPN), sold drugs to get money to pay bookies, scouted for information on other teams from their managers to make betting decisions. Is this list not enough to keep a man out of the HOF when every player must sign an agreement not to bet on baseball? Is this list not enough when Rose lied for 14 years about his actions, on the flimsy pretext of a 14-year-old that people would be mad at him and ban him forever? Is this list of offenses indicating a pattern of behavior not enough to lock the door to Cooperstown for a man who apparently conspired with, or coerced, the so-called Commissioner of Baseball, aka Stooge for the OTHER Owners, to keep Rose's admission of gambling quiet for 14 months, so Rose could make money on his book by "announcing" his confession in it? Is this not enough that Rose unveiled his admission -- not his apology -- right as other worthy players were being selected to the HOF?
Come on, people, this is not a single mistake by a man, but a lifetime of lying, stealing, and whoring of baseball that potentially indicts the entire sport. The man is a slug, but worse, he pulled baseball under the rock with him.
Envision this: Pete Rose giving his acceptance speech at Cooperstown. If that does not disgust you, and does not send chills down your spine and perhaps make you vomit, you do not love baseball, you love baseball statistics and they are not the same thing.