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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hey! Hey! Hey!
We are going to the NH Baseball Dinner and Show. Hot stove sufferers are we!
Let's hope the guest of honor -- unnamed as of today -- is someone worthy of the title, but even if he (maybe she?) is not, we get rubber chicken and a baseball fix for just $60!
This weekend, I'll be getting another mid-winter fix for a spring-summer-fall addiction: the first motorcycle show of the winter in Wilmington. I know, who reading a baseball blog cares about this, but don't be surprised when I start pointing out the similarities between these addictions, including the spending of money on things that have limited value: case in point -- I gave my son a baseball autographed by Curt Schilling for Christmas, one that he did just after signing with the Sox. It does not start my car or pay my mortgage, but it sure was fun buying it and it sure is fun looking at it -- just like the new handlebars and hard bags I'm buying this winter for my motorcycle, but I will use those.