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Friday, December 19, 2003

Mac here: Tim and I disagree on this one about JH, as follows:
1. Nomar is a Big Boy and, slimy as it seems, this is Life in the Big City or The Show;
2. It was "innocent" (but never greedy......No! Not Nomah!) Nomah who turned down a 4 year @ $15M Per - or a total of $60M - contract offer from Theo because he wanted $17M?
3. This considered, Nomah has No Case for Whining when it comes to Theo and JH deciding to do whatever, whenever was necessary because it was clear they were not (and should not in this Down market) pay Nomah $17M. I wouldn't, would you?
4. When you turn down a fair offer, no whining allowed. Besides, as Schilling (who settled for less BTW) notes: He already has more money than he can ever spend.
How about you Nomah?

On Further Review: Tim has a point I never considered - Maybe Manny is in exactly the right town anyway. Only someone who is completely oblivious to the Sports Writer/Radio/Blogging and Whining Din should really be here. Manny will hit regardless of what is being said. Maybe he does Fit. Baseball Zeitgeist