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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Mac here:
The Sox got Foulke, so it seems that the only "hole" left is at second. While the acquisition of a serious CLoser is happily greeted, the fallout from the Foulke singing looks like this:
- What to do with Kim? Good question. He wants to start anyway but suddenly the Sox are pretty flush in terms of starters: Pedro, Lowe, Schilling, Wakefield, and........Mr. X.
- Mr. X could be Kim, but we would really like to see Arroyo get a shot at this spot. He's a good one we think, and showed enough both at Pawtucket and in his late season call-up to merit a full fledged shot at the fifth starting slot.
- When's the last time we had to "worry" about a serious contest for a starting slot with the Red Sox? I can't remember it.
- In any event, the BL (Bottom Line for this Blog) is that either Kim or Arroyo are available if any of the Big Four go down with an injury this season. Nice situation to be in, eh Boss?
- My Take: I would guess that either Kim or Arroyo will end up in long relief (whoever loses the starter slot) but for my $100M (and it is not mine - talk is cheap, however) I would use whoever loses the starter slot as the Fill-In Start Guy in a planned "Pedro Gets Extra Rest," schedule for '04. He got extra rest in '03 but by missing starts. Give those starts to the Long Man - Kim or Arroyo.
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