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Wednesday, December 17, 2003


No No No-Mah!
Another Bagwell, Brady Anderson -- and probably Antoine Walker!
Come back to bite 'em, No-MAH!
This is hyster/historical. Two All-Stars/probable HOFers for one BONAFIDE HOFer, just to dump a big kid and his salary.
The Red Sox will still win and perhaps win in it all, but for me, getting Schilling and Foulke is different from dumping Manny and No-MAH, just because the acquisitions were made with the head while the dumpings were made with the heart(burn) of Henry, who is more and more sounding and acting like a hotheaded megalomaniac (hey, he does!) a la Georgie Porgie. What next -- dumping Derek Lowe because he gets blisters? Zapping Wakefield because he throws too slow?
Winning it all is important, but so is doing it right. I think Henry has lost sight of the latter in his pursuit of the former.